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Greenline Office Stationery warmly welcomes you to enjoy our stationery store where you can browse through and feel many different types of cards and paper for your perfect personalized stationery. We are proud to offer many styled fonts and stationery printing services.
We have always tried to provide an intimate home-away-from-home atmosphere in our store, inviting people to come in, browse, linger and enjoy. And although every nook and cranny is filled with a wide variety of unusual home and gift items, the store's primary business is fine stationery and related accessories.

We are pleased to offer excellent customer service, and are delighted when customers enjoy lingering and finding treasures in our truly unique store. Greenline Office Stationery welcomes you to discover beautiful gifts and mementos that will last a lifetime. Let’s personalize and make your stationery special. Take a peek at our store today!

Our experts are always happy to be of assistance and answer any questions or concerns.

At Greenline Office Stationery, our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful and custom stationery that is guaranteed to stand out. Receiving a personalized letter in the mail is special and impactful, and our desire is to help you find the perfect stationery for any occasion!

The word Stationery comes from Latin

It’s one of those words that often gets spelled incorrectly, but both stationery and stationary come from the same Latin word stationarius. This medieval Latin word was used to describe a trader who had his own station, or shop, rather than work as a travelling salesman. Over time, it began to mean a bookseller or publisher and these days we use it for our pens, pencils and other office supplies. The spelling difference ending with -ery became the noun use of the adjective stationary.

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We specializes in stationery and office equipments. Customer satisfaction and loyalty has given us a leadership position in providing best stationery services to the people and business of UAE.
Greenline Office Stationery provides them with the finest service in stationery and office supplies.
We have always been focusing on quality stationery and prompt delivery to our customers.

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